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Ways to Market Online

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webmarkitingtutorialAs a marketing medium, the internet is a marketers dream. There are so many more ways to reach potential customers than ever. Each of these avenues also allow a level of targeting that have never been possible before. Take Facebook for example. You can now target users by age, location and interests. Here are some of the best places to advertise on the web:


With Facebook you can reach customers by building a page and/or advertising ads. The targeting is fantastic. A billion plus users means the whole world is your market.


AdSense is still the largest online ad network. While the targeting is not as good as Facebook it still is still one of the best. Advertising on AdSense covers everything from Google Search, Gmail to Youtube and Android.


While you can directly advertise on Instagram, a more popular method of advertising is to approach the individual users themselves. Find users who use products similar to yours and approach them for direct placement adverts.


AdSense already covers advertising on Youtube itself, however just like Instagram direct placement is a very good option. Some users have subscribers in the millions and be approached for direct placement.


Much like the above direct placement, in Twitch streams, you can either get banner ads on screen or ask the streamer to promote the use of your products directly. An example would be the streamer wearing clothing as a placement or drinking a specific soda.

In addition to the above, there are more and more such mediums that are launching advertising platforms. Snapchat, Vine, Periscope etc are some of the few that could be  contenders in the near future.

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Guide to Bing ad management for beginners

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When it comes to advertising online and getting your ads in front of as many people as possible, you should not ignore any ad platform. For example, Google and Facebook dominate the online ad market by a wide margin. However, Bing has a steady 7% share of the global search engine market, and that is too much traffic, and potential sales to ignore. Here is how you get started running ads on the Bing network:

Step one – Create an account. If you have created an account on any other ad platform, the process will seem familiar. When you complete sign up, Bing offers a very convenient option to import your Adwords campaigns.

Step two – Keyword research in Bing much like any other ad network and includes a keyword planner tool. Once you complete keyword research, you can use the planner tool to narrow down the list of keywords you plan on using.

Step three – The last step is to create your campaign. Click on the button that says “create your 1st campaign” and enter the relevant details. Select your keywords and then your budget. If you want to spend $20 a day, set that as the maximum and Bing will stop showing your ads when you hit that figure.

When it comes to keyword selection, be careful and set the right type of matching for that keyword. Here are the types of search matches you can select on Bing:

Broad match — Search queries that contain your keyword related to your keyword or keyword phrease.

Broad match modifier — Close variations of your keyword based on a modifier you provide. For example: if you selected +yellow jacket, you will also match “blue jacket” and “red jacket”.

Phrase match — Search queries that contain the same words in your keyword, in the same order. Please remember that this applies even if there are other words in between your phrase.

Exact match — Only the exact match of your keywords will show.

Negative match — Ad will not show for any of these keywords.

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Why You Should Have Your Own Wikipedia Page

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Summary: Wikipedia pages are one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal.

When utilized correctly, Wikipedia can bring a substantial amount of traffic and attention to your business or even yourself.

As one of the most popular websites on the Internet, the Wikipedia community has grown exponentially over the past decade and has long been used by many businesses to grow their image.

Needless to say a Wikipedia page is desirable for companies that are in need of a dedicated page where endless amounts of users can brush up on the history of the company itself.

Trust and Credibility

When it comes down to it, most businesses rely on trust and credibility. Now, a Wikipedia page alone won’t automatically establish a sense of trust, but notably speaking, it is a piece of social proof that you are making an impact on the industry. And that alone is worth it in itself.

Another reason why a Wikipedia page is so valuable is notoriety within a specific industry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that most people research a company online before they do business with a company. And, if you have a dedicated page on Wikipedia, the consumer can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’re an actual established company.

Media Coverage

Wikipedia is a great place to distribute your media coverage. If you already have a page set up, and you win a prestigious award, you can have it added onto your Wikipedia page – barring you have physical proof that you actually received the award. By sourcing it directly, you can essentially create a new way to spread media coverage to those that are looking within your niche.

Submit Express, an established SEO company, can help create and edit your Wikipedia page as you like. Give them a call today.

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Tips for Performing Keyword Research

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keyword-research-tipsKeyword research is the process followed by website operators to determine search terms people will enter into search engines to find certain search results. Websites can be structured around keywords to attain good visibility in search engines for particular searches. Certain steps are recommended by keyword experts for the successful implementation of keyword research. A search engine marketing service will likely apply the same steps in performing its service.

The keywords you develop will be words and terms that relate directly to your business and that customers might use to identify and locate your business as a preferred provider of products and services. To simply maximize website traffic from search engine position, apply the same steps. These steps would be recommended by a search engine marketing firm. Website visitors seek websites focused on subjects of interest to them. Think of these as products offered by a website, just like products and services sold by merchants.

Step one is to clearly understand how your business or website is viewed by visitors. Consider topics that will be of interest to potential customers and website visitors. List the topics on paper or in a Word document and make them column headings. Fill in the columns with keywords that relate to the topics. You might have a list of eight or ten topics. You may conduct market research or talk with colleagues to construct this list.

When reviewing your list, consider head terms and long tail keywords. Generally speaking, head terms are short keywords of just one to three words. Long tail keywords consist of more than three words. Your keywords should contain a mix of both. Head terms are searched for more frequently, but long tail searches are more meaningful. Google’s free Keyword Tool is an excellent way to evaluate the effectiveness of both kinds of keywords.

Keyword planning takes time and effort, but if you give it time and effort you will wind up with a powerful list of keywords. Structure your website and website communications around your keywords. Website traffic and customer inquiries can multiply as a result of your efforts. You can do this job yourself, and if you do, you won’t need to hire any search engine marketing agency.

Sticky Web Media was founded in 2006. The Los Angeles search engine optimization company specializes in improving client’s visibility in search.

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How to optimize your e-commerce product pages

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web-marketing-tutorialA lot of e-commerce sites have to treat their product pages as landing pages due to visitors coming to them directly from search engines. Most searches are now very specific and this usually means that the results page contains direct product page links. However, to get those pages ranked, optimizing them is crucial. Here are a few ways to go about doing that:

Master category

The first step is to set a single master category for all products. The reason for one master category is to prevent whatever CMS in use to generate several categories based page links for the same page. This is to avoid duplicate content and the same page under multiple categories.

Single product, multiple options

Another common issue that causes duplicate content is when a single product’s multiple options cause several hundred product page options to be created. Take a single item of clothing, there can be multiple sizes, colors, and designs. The best way to remedy this is to use an e-commerce shopping cart platform that has a single URL for a product with multiple options.

Allow comments

Allowing comments and other user generated content will keep the page fresh, meaning Google will be back to index it more often and it could also result in a ranking boost. In terms of user-generated content, you can allow users to comment, provide stories or testimonials and ratings. All of these will tell Google that it is an active page.


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Basics of internet marketing

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web-marketing-tutorialAny business owner thinking about getting a presence online has heard the term internet marketing. However, a lot of people don’t know exactly what it means and everything that it entails. To many internet marketing is some complicated process that requires marketing firms and consultants. This is not true. A good internet marketing campaign can be run by a single person or a small team. The main concern is usually that this process can take time.

What is internet marketing?

In a nutshell, internet marketing is the same thing as online marketing or digital marketing. It is the promotion of products and services on the internet.

There are several different types, or facets of internet marketing:

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

Search engine marketing, known as SEM.

And Social media marketing which goes as SMM.

Those are the main three, but e-mail marketing and blog marketing are also important parts of internet marketing.

What are the advantages of internet marketing?

The first and most important is that it can drive high quality traffic to your website. Unlike online advertising, this traffic will also cost a lot less, although it might have less sales potential. The second is that it can increase sales leads from customers. Another advantage is that it is an fast and cost effective way of building your brand online. You can also reach a global audience as easily as a local one. Lastly, you can track the performance of all your endeavors and calculate ROI easily and accurately.

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Common Myths of Email Marketing Management

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While auto-responders can be an effective marketing tool, it should always be used with caution.

email-marketing-mythsIt isn’t a secret that email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote your product or service. However, there are numerous strategies that continue to plague thousands of campaigns due to misjudgement and inefficiency. As a marketer, it’s important that you understand that many tactics and methods may seem like an effective way to reach out to your consumer base. But, in reality, they are actually hurting you more than you might think.

Auto-Responders Will Take Over Your Campaign

WIth companies developing new software to help out email marketers everywhere, businesses are now utilizing auto-responders as the face of their campaigns. This can be ok if you are working with the right company. Choose an email company that you can trust will send your emails on time, notify you of any major or minor changes, and allow you to have full access to your consumer base.

Make sure that you work with a reputable email marketing company that is trusted in the industry and has proven successful results. It’s always best to stay safe when it comes to choosing an email marketing firm as your primary campaign management service.

eTargetMedia is your one-stop shop for email marketing help. If you are looking for the finest in email marketing management, visit eTargetMedia online today.

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Google is rolling out Symptom related answers for Mobile

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web-marketing-tutorialGoogle announced that they are rolling out symptom related answers for mobile users. According to Google, one percent of all search queries are for symptoms. This is not uprisings as whenever anyone has an issue, they now turn to the search engine. The problem was that some of the results pages suggested remedies that might not have been inline with the conditions. This way Google can now direct people to basic information and direct people to a doctor when needed.

“You’re not alone. Roughly 1 percent of searches on Google (think: millions!) are symptom-related. But health content on the web can be difficult to navigate, and tends to lead people from mild symptoms to scary and unlikely conditions, which can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress.”

Now when you ask Google about symptoms like “headache on one side,” you will get a list of related symptoms like cluster headaches, sinusitis etc. For something like a single symptom, like a headache, Google will give an overview of the condition along with possible rememdies/self treatment options. In addition, they will also recommend medical diagnosis for anything serious. The goal here is to give more information on health conditions and to also let you know when it is important to talk to a dedicated health professional.

They also have the usual disclaimer since we are referring to medical related advice, suggesting that you should always talk to a doctor for medical advice. The feature is being rolled out for English queries in the United States to start and will then be made available worldwide.

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Why Email Segmentation is So Effective

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market-segmentationSegmentation is one of the most useful strategies that marketers still fail to apply.

There are often times when email marketers will search for advice on how they can improve their open rates and click through rates when running their campaigns. Most of the time, they’ll overlook the one factor that will help increase conversions – segmentation.

Piquing the Customer’s Interest

If you aren’t aware of email segmentation, it’s basically a way of catering an individual email to a certain consumer. For instance, if you were the consumer signing up for a clothing company, you’d browse around at the type of clothing styles you’d be interested in – like jeans for example. The following emails that will be sent to you will show the newest jeans that have come out. This will entice you, as the consumer, to check through their store and possibly purchase one.

The power of segmentation can not only increase your overall conversion rate, but it will also make your marketing campaign feel less robotic. This means, your customer might appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to personalize their emails and it may even garner more interest for your business. It’s also proven that segmentation leads to higher conversion rates, which is one of the main reasons why you should include this within your marketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

Email segmentation is one of the many tactics that a marketer can implement within their campaign. It’s useful, effective, and can generate a business more leads – if done correctly. With all the competition out there, you’ll want to take advantage of every type of strategy available to you.

eTargetMedia can help you with all your marketing needs. From targeted email lists to postal lists, eTargetMedia is ready and willing to help you succeed.

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3 Tips to Online Marketing Work For You

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More and more people are switching from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one.

Of course, there are a number of benefits attached with taking such a daring step. Yet it’s not at all easy when you are looking to be successful.

The key to getting there has a lot to do with expansion and making a profit. This happens only by successful marketing – online marketing, in particular.

Here are 3 tips to make online marketing work for your business:

1: Create a strategy using on-demand information

In order to create a successful marketing plan, you need to gather insights first. Businesses can gather information using Google Analytics. For example, if you make hundred sales in a day, this tool can tell you that 50 sales came from Facebook while 30 came from blogs and the rest from online publications. By this way, you’ll also know that you should focus on Facebook rather the other distribution channels.

 web-markiting tutorial

2: Prepare unique, relevant and timely content

When you consider these three aspects together, your content becomes far more effective than otherwise.

While relevance will offer value, uniqueness will produce a wealth of information that becomes an authoritative source. Timely content will build your presence as they follow trends.

3: Use a number of distribution channels with your brand

There’s so much more to marketing than just Facebook. Yes, there is Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn but there blogs, online publications, content-aggregator sites as well as mobile and visual-centric platforms.

With so many to choose from, pick channels that suit your business most.