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Reputation management: What affects how long it takes?

The last few years have seen a rise in services that specialize in fixing the reputations of organizations online. The problem is that the internet has given an equal (and one could argue, an outsize) voice to everyone who has an internet connection. The question that most companies ask is: How long will it take? It is not easy to answer how long a reputation repair campaign will take. The short answer... [Read more]

Three ways to take advantage of user-generated content

Nothing carries more weight to customers than the opinion and comments of other customers. An endorsement or review written in the own words of the customer is more powerful than any marketing material that you can create. Studies back this claim, showing that 90% of consumers trust the view of others over content from the brand. There are three ways to take advantage of user-generated content: Social... [Read more]

Ways to Market Online

As a marketing medium, the internet is a marketers dream. There are so many more ways to reach potential customers than ever. Each of these avenues also allow a level of targeting that have never been possible before. Take Facebook for example. You can now target users by age, location and interests. Here are some of the best places to advertise on the web: Facebook With Facebook you can reach customers... [Read more]

Publishers no longer providing backlinks and traffic

Article Written by :  Internet Marketing Showtime There was a time when guest posting was a great way to get backlinks to your site. Some changes by Google made that less productive. However, if the site was big enough, there was still enough benefit to go through the hard work and toil to write amazing content for another site. Sadly, it appears that the larger publishers have begun taking steps... [Read more]

Link building tactics

There are so many link building tactics out there that when looking around there is a possibility that a few easy ones can be missed. Most of them can be classified as passing low to moderate levels of link authority. However, even with low authority, getting enough links can and will make a difference to your rankings. The best method will be to attempt all of the tactics listed below and maintain... [Read more]

How to get the most out of Google’s new Sitelinks

AdWords ads are changing all the time. There have been a few changes in the last few months alone. The latest change is to Sitelinks and callouts. Sitelinks have become a swipeable carousel, while callouts and structured snippets now appear in the same area of the ad as the description text. The only exception to the change are the ads above the search results. What does this mean for the advertiser?... [Read more]

Google removes View Image from image search

Search for an image on Google Images and you will see one big change: There is no “View Image” button under any image you select. Also, you will no longer have an option to do a reverse image search. The change went somewhat under the radar, with a tweet from Google: “Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites. This will include removing the... [Read more]

Test ranking potential with an AMP test

Google makes it very clear that AMP does not help to rank in any way. However, a lot of technology that Google encourages does end up as a ranking signal. Eventually, even in the near-future, AMP could become a ranking factor. Even now, AMP pages will load a lot faster on mobiles, and with page speed becoming a ranking factor for the mobile-first index, you will might see an improvement immediately.... [Read more]

How to improve the client-agency relationship in SEO

In this article we look how we can improve the client-agency relationship in the SEO industry from both perspectives: Client The first thing any client needs to understand is that you need to work with your agency to establish your methods and goals. Often, from the perspective of the agency, client goals are usually vague and result in complications. You have a problem, and you hired the agency to... [Read more]

Common mindset mistakes in SEO

Anyone who works in SEO will tell you that there are no guarantees with even the most intricately planned SEO campaigns. There are so many variables in SEO, like changes to the search algorithm, competitor behavior, and changes in the market, that it is always best to keeps expectations low. However, another reason for avoiding short-term expectations is the time it takes to change their mindset when... [Read more]

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