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Common mindset mistakes in SEO

August 9, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Anyone who works in SEO will tell you that there are no guarantees with even the most intricately planned SEO campaigns. There are so many variables in SEO, like changes to the search algorithm, competitor behavior, and changes in the market, that it is always best to keeps expectations low. However, another reason for avoiding short-term expectations is the time it takes to change their mindset when it comes to success online. Here are some of the more common issues that you need to address:

Content narcissism

Most corporate blogs and websites place too much emphasis on their products in their content. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion, but that promotion should have some form of justification other than simply saying so. When planning content for a corporate blog, create content that is helpful to the reader, solves a problem, or provides the material your target market will look for online in relation to your product niche.

Pleasing Google

Google traffic is important to all of us. The problem starts when that is the only source of traffic for a site. When Google announces a new change, best practice, or format, there is a tendency for people to make the latest change a priority for their website. Before you do so, first ensure that the change is in the best interest of your site and your business, and second, make sure that more important projects don’t lose priority over the change.

Big thing

Lastly, avoid the need to adopt that latest SEO trick that some webmaster has figured out. SEO is about long-term incremental improvements that bring your site in-line with best practices that are good for ranking in Google and for your customers. Avoid looking for the next big thing, they almost never last.