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Easy Advertising Techniques for Online Businesses

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If you start a business you need get the word spread around. If no one knows you’re there, you’re not going to make any money. Online businesses are the same, except that if there is no hyperlink to you then the chances of a person even stumbling across your website is almost non-existent. This is why online businesses utilize expensive SEO and SEM methods to make sure that they appear on the first page of a search engine’s results.

However not everyone can afford to lay down the cash necessary to get an expert to do this for them. Learning how to do it and then putting it into practice is also a long process and may not be an option. So for those types of people, here are some easy ways to get some advertising done.

1. Use a free online classified service. There are plenty out there, just go an list your website on all of them. A websites like Craigslist, which has huge amounts of traffic, will surely get you lots of exposure.

2. Talk to the local media. Try to get the local newspaper to run a story on you and try to get the local radio station to give you some free endorsements. Don’t be afraid to play the sympathy card – “Hey, help a small business out. You know how it’s a struggle” etc.

3. Use the resources you currently own. Plaster your car with material promoting your website, put up signs on your windows, email your friends and tell them about your website, etc.

4. Get your family and friends to help you promote your business. Word of mouth is very strong and everyone can forward your email to everyone they know.

5. Try to find someone who is willing to cross promote your product. If you specialize in doing Flower Arrangements, then talk to the nursery and get them to promote your business. In return you can reciprocate on the web.

6. Attend local networking events and trade shows and network with others and exhibitors. Most cities have Chamber of Commerces, which usually host monthly meetings. Usually the entrance fees for these type of shows are very minimal, between $10-$30.

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Achieving success with Social Media Marketing

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Using Social Media to do online marketing is being done on a large scale. You may not even be aware of it, but your are part of the target market for someone and therefore you are being subject to some sort of Social Media Marketing every time you use a Social Network.

The trick is being subtle and using a lot of finesse. Try out these simple tips and see the results for yourself.

1. Hit the right target audience. If you don’t know who your target audience is, then your marketing efforts simply boil down to shooting in the dark. Very few products appeal to every age group. Even in that situation, your marketing efforts should be tailored to suit those age groups. For example if you sell high performance mountain bikes, your target audience is generally between 14-35 years in age. Even this can be broken down in to a 14-19, 20-35 demographic and targeted differently.

2. Add value. Communicate with this target group. Figure out their likes and dislikes of the product, what they want, what they need, etc. Then try to figure out how you can give them what they want. This is what will make you unique when you eventually start selling. In the meantime give them as much information as you can in helpful videos, articles, advice etc. Basically you have to appear as a Guru in the making.

3. Get personal. Have one to one discussions with people from the target group. While this maybe time consuming, the bond you form will help you get a sure sale when the time comes. Once they do become your customers, this bond will prompt them to promote the product for you as well.

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E-Commerce Transaction Rates

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When operating an ecommerce venture most people concentrate on Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Conversion rates, Traffic and other things. Granted, these are aspects of a business that must be closely looked at. But there is one other thing that is often overlooked and that is E-Commerce Transaction Rates.

Basically this refers to how much you spend to make a sale and how much of a profit you make thereafter. Using a marketing tool which costs $10 to get a customer and selling a product for $15 gives you a profit of only $5. When you factor in your fixed costs you might find that you are actually making a loss. So the first thing to do is to find a marketing tool that is cost effective and the second thing to do is employ some simple techniques, like the ones listed below, to increase your profit margins.

1. Up-selling – Do this without being too intrusive or obvious. The best place to put this method in action is at the point of checkout. For example if your customer bought a DSLR camera, you can offer them UV filters, Camera bags, Photography books, etc so that you stand a chance of making a sale from another area which the customer might not have considered.

2. Packaged offers – Sticking with the Camera example, offer the Camera with a couple of lenses and throw in a Camera bag as well. The whole package will look more appealing and feel like more of a deal for the customer. The end result – you end up selling more items.

3. Minimum amount – Specify a minimum amount to customers which will entitle them to free shipping. This will entice them to make a few more purchases just so that they can qualify. You will be surprised how well the word “free” works in marketing.