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3 Essential Principles for a Viral Marketing Plan

October 31, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Constructing a viral marketing plan is easier than it seems, considering how effective creating a buzz can be.

With that said, there are certain principles that are a part of any viral marketing that can work wonders. Experts say that if you put these principles into practice, then your chances of obtaining attention is more likely than not.

 So, here are 3 key principles that can contribute a viral marketing plan:

#1: Gives Away Free Products or Services

The word ‘free’ is probably the most important word in the marketing dictionary. A viral marketing plan also includes this aspect, whether you plan to give away free services or products, with no expectations of profits until you are able to create a ‘buzz’.

#2: Easy to Replicate and Transfer

Just like a virus spreads rapidly as they are transmitted easily, this process is no different with creating a buzz around your product or service. Since most of these viral marketing campaigns are transmitted over the internet, experts believe that making the message of the marketing plan simple and short will only add to its chances of going ‘viral’.

#3: Rapidly Scalable from Small to Very Large

Scalability is very important to the product or service that you wish to go viral. If one must understand this principle, it can be likened to the virus killing its host before it spreads. Since your campaign is over the internet, make sure you enough servers ready when your message spreads like wildfire – or else, in the case of technical shortcomings, your marketing campaign will fall flat and die.

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Why Does Yelp Filter Some Reviews?

October 22, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

This blog was submitted by: http://yelpmediation.com/.

Encouraging your customers to post positive reviews about your business on Yelp takes a lot of time and effort. So it can be extremely disheartening when your reviews get filtered by this popular social networking review site. Whether you’re having problems posting positive reviews or are constantly getting filtered for your legitimate reviews, knowing why Yelp filters some reviews can help to avoid being a target.

Yelp utilizes filtering software designed to determine which reviews should remain on the site and which ones should be featured on a separate “Filtered Review” page. In an effort to help users write Yelp-approved reviews, the company has provided a list of Content Guidelines. Still, there seems to be some undisclosed reasons why certain reviews get thrown into the filtered pile.

However, research conducted by Yelp Mediation reveals insight not found in the Content Guidelines. Here are a few reasons why Yelp might filter your reviews.

It was posted from a new or inactive account: Yelp encourages users to use their account profiles often and to stay away from posting inappropriate content. We’ve noticed that Yelp reviews might get filtered if they have a young account or an account that is not very active. Enhance your account by adding a profile photograph and more friends. Then, start using it more often.

Too many reviews posted at once. Even if your reviews are legitimate, avoid posting them at once or cluttered within a given time frame. Yelp might flag the review as unrealistic.

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Three Reasons A Background Check For Employment Is Smart

October 15, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

We decided to take a look at some key reasons why it is that a background check for employment is a smart move and service to take.  Let us look at the example of a small-business who has checks coming into the mail each and every day as an example.


If you are small-business, you have been receiving checks in the mail for payments of products or services.  You are in need of a new employee who can handle these incoming checks in a safe and secure manner, and make sure that they get recorded as well as deposited timely. By utilizing a background check such as this, you can go beyond the resume and interview, and be sure that the person is not the type who would try and steal money from you at their first opportunity.  The three reasons to run this type of check include that it gives you a secure state of mind about the employee, a good feeling as to their history, as well as a grasp as to what exactly you will be getting in your company with this person.


Background checks, including tenant screening services and background check for landlords can help you determine whether or not you are getting an employee or even a new tenant who is going to be trustworthy in the long haul.  Some great services are out there to help you, including more tips that can be found.  For the simple peace of mind it brings, you cannot afford to not try out one of these services.