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For Fresh Office Space, Seattle, Dallas, or San Francisco is the Place for You

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A change in environment can do a lot for a person. It can clear the mind, reduce stress, and make you a more productive individual over all. If what you need is a change in office space, Seattle is one option open to you. At least you will not have the sunshine luring you outside to distract you from business, that’s for sure.  Of course, Seattle is not the only location that is available.

In fact, you can move your base of operations to anywhere in the country if you really wanted to. Maybe you have something a little higher end or mind. You want an exceptional professional atmosphere to accompany your profession. You want executive suites. Dallas is a wonderful place to work from and is home to a diverse population that may one day be potential clients.

If the northern and southern ends of the country do not do it for you, there are more options still. For an environment with lots of culture, beautiful cityscapes, and a dazzling bay you can find office space in San Francisco.  No matter where you go, opportunity awaits. Each city can give you new inspiration and challenge you to reach a wider variety of clients. Not only that, but the change in location will help to clear your head and keep you focused on the matters at hand. As for everything else, you can figure that out later. Nobody ever got anything done with a clouded head and lots of worry.

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Getting Consumer Attention Through SEO

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Perhaps you’ve dabbled in search engine optimization for some time now and consider yourself a bit of a “lay” expert on the subject. Having as much savvy bodes excellently well for the online face of your business, as it does for its entire operation if it is an internet-based enterprise. But given the heated contest that rages on every day on the internet for eyeballs and wallets, having a way to take charge of your online image, in a really effective way, is imperative.

For most, even the SEO-savvy, taking charge requires the efforts of a hired SEO company. That’s because technical SEO experts have the latitude and resources that only focused dedication and in-house labor can confer. With the big guys taking advantage of the benefits SEO companies are capable of doling out, in addition to dipping regularly into their large advertising coffers, small and mid-sized companies usually cannot afford to skimp on optimizing their online home. Tasks to increased traffic and search engine positioning cannot be ignored.

Even if your business does not have a hefty reserve for blanket advertising, it more than likely has the wherewithal to get your name, products, and services noticed on Google and Bing. SEO can give businesses affordable, and widespread, consumer attention.

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3 Tools That Will Help You Engage In Social Media

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If there’s anything that is true of social media, it is the fact that a lot of time usually needs to be spent on keeping your campaign up and running, thanks to the numerous social media communities that are on the web. Still, there are shortcuts by which you can reduce the time spent on getting the word out using social media.

So, here are 3 tools that will help you increase efficiency when it comes to managing your social media campaign:

#1: Digg – Digg Alert

Digg is a social media site that is community-driven. Users submit content and depending on whether it is liked or not – these articles are voted either up or down where the best of the lot get posted to the home page.

An excellent tool to keep track of your submissions is Digg Alerter – a program that alerts every time your article gets dug or is promoted to the front page. Another tool is the Bury Recorder which helps you to not only track buries on any submission but also other details such as type of bury, when the bury was received and the number of diggs per bury.

#2: Twitter – Twhirl

You can do anything you want with Twitter using a desktop tool known as Twhirl with a main feature which includes three Twitter messages in quick view mode.

#3: StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon Alerter

Much like Digg, StumbleUpon is also a site where submissions are voted up or down by the community. A tool such as StumbleUpon Alerter will help you not only see who’s voting your articles up and down but also how many votes and comments were made as well.