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Steps to developing ad revenue for your site

September 22, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

For most of you who understand the rigor of maintaining a site, it isn’t necessarily a walk in the park as it’s made out to be at the beginning. And since we’re talking about earning money from your site for your bread and butter, there’s no doubt that it’s an ongoing process that requires a lot of hard work. And one way by which you can earn money is by earning revenue from advertising.

So here are a few steps that will help you develop ad revenue from your site:

STEP 1: Provide exceptional content

Whether you write it yourself or pay someone to do so, make sure the site is attractive and has something for everyone which makes people want to visit your site.

STEP 2: Find out how much your site can make through advertising

In order to understand how you can make through advertising, you need to gain a basic understanding of how online advertising works, and for this you’ll have to familiarize yourself with terms that are involved with the system.

STEP 3: Focus on creating the site to display banner ads

While pasting HTML code is the easiest thing to do, getting your own banner serving program (which you will have to pay for) or a third-party banner serving program that will do all the work for you.

STEP 4: Conduct demographic studies

You can have visitors complete a survey with a few freebies involved, and once this is done, you’ll get a good picture of what kind of advertisers to approach.

STEP 5: Set prices for banner ads based on the demographic profile of your visitors

STEP 6: Register with ad directories

This is where most media buyers look for sites that take advertising, so do this once you’ve set your prices and done a demographic study.

STEP 7: Contact advertisers and media buyers showcasing the value of your site.


Learn Web Marketing Tips at the Performance Marketing Expo in Miami

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Keynote speakers include President Obama’s New Media campaign guru Dan Siroker, leading technologist Michael Tchong and “Coupon Mom” Stephanie Nelson. To learn more about the Performance Marketing Expo, visit http://www.performancemarketingexpo.com.