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3 Changes Facebook is Making to Marketing As a Whole

January 26, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

For a while now, Facebook has ruled the roost when it comes to organic social interactions. This is for the simple reason that Facebook has a reach and visibility that is unrivalled.

However, the social media giant is now moving away from organic reach to paid search. This, quite clearly, will change marketing as we know it as it continues to use the confusing EdgeRank system.

That said, here are 3 specific changes that Facebook is making, and that will change marketing as a result:

#1: External content links

Any type of content that leads users away from Facebook such as links to blogs, sales pages or websites will be lowered, in terms of Facebook’s rankings. Even if Facebook says that it intends to keep content that it’s users might be most interested in, the truth is that it’s is in Facebook’s best interests to have users stay on the site.

#2: Image and Memes won’t work any longer

Simple put, memes and image-heavy posts will not work any longer but instead Facebook will place more emphasis on links. Of course, any of Facebook’s link post images will have to be optimized to obtain the minimum dimensions of Facebook’s open graph images. In other words, high-quality articles will take the place of meme posts in your News Feed.

#3: Quality links posts and Content will

What this suggests is that articles from big news publications will be given more prominence rather than ones made by Facebook’s users. Of course, this means that blogs from small businesses and publishers will drop down that list. Also, more work will have to be put into link posts from now on.

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How to Attract Senior Citizens to Your Internet Café

January 3, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

If you own an internet café franchise, it might not be doing so well. While it was a hot business during the 90s, internet cafes today are having a difficult time attracting new clientele. Why? Because children, youth, and adults who used to venture out to café to surf the web and play video games now have computers in the palms of their hands.

So how can you improve your business without shutting down? Consider targeting a new demographic: senior citizens. Here are two ways you can attract senior citizens to your internet café.

Add Sweepstakes Games

The latest trend at internet parlors across the nation is sweepstakes games. And senior citizens love playing them! Many senior citizens don’t have computers of their own, let alone smart phones with access to the web. For them, it’s easier to dial a ride to the nearest internet café for sweepstakes games. Another reason why the older generation enjoys sweepstakes games is because it’s a way for them to socialize with others of the same age. But senior citizens are not the only people who love playing sweepstakes games. People of all ages will enjoy playing these games.

Change Up the Menu

Since an older crowd will be coming into your shop, consider changing the menu from junk food such as chips and soda to healthier choices including fruit smoothies, salads, and wraps. A new menu will prove that you’re serious about pleasing an older clientele, but it will also keep your current customers coming back for more.