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January 31, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Web marketing is a much different animal than traditional marketing. If you are new to it and just jump in without doing the proper research you are bound to fail. There are two important aspects to web marketing that make it different and require a bunch of research before getting started.

Many people have their web site done before they even start to learn about web marketing. This probably means that you have a “search engine friendly” site instead of a “search engine optimized” site. It is important to research SEO, or search engine optimization, before releasing your site to the public. Having an optimized site could be the difference between being listed on the first page or the tenth page on Google. Always be sure your pages are rich in interesting content, and set up a company blog to discuss things related to your niche.

Another really important thing for web marketing success is social media. Having a business presence on both Facebook and Twitter at least is of utmost importance. Make sure to post regularly, and make your posts interesting and useful to your potential customers to build trust and make it more likely that they will buy from you. Link your Facebook and Twitter pages with your company blog if possible.

When starting the web marketing journey, it is good to be well prepared. Remember also to stay active, as the search engines love fresh content. With a little hard work you will be a successful web marketer soon.