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Use Videos to Take Your Business to the Next Level

December 22, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Want to add some flair to your online presence?  The right videos can increase your web traffic, add to your credibility, and boost your profits.  But to fully take advantage of web videos, you need impeccable production.  Any ol’ video isn’t going to cut it!

To create a video that makes your business stand out, you need to keep 3 things in mind – video production, audio production, and music production.

– In order to have a successful video, your video production qualities have to be top-notch.  You can’t just grab a camcorder and start shooting.  You need professional video quality, with a crystal clear picture.  Otherwise, people will simply assume you’re an amateur who doesn’t deserve respect.

And, good video production includes the people that are actually in your video.  You need someone credible, who has good camera presence.  A spokesperson that uses a bunch of “ummms” and “ahhhs” isn’t going to cut it!

–  The right audio production is also essential.  No one will bother to listen to your static or “hollow” sound.  If people don’t stick around to listen, your video is a waste of time.

– And, don’t overlook music production.  Music adds a sense of professionalism.  After all, don’t you remember products based on their jingles?  You can do the same!

Once you have the right videos, you can post them right on your site.  Or, you can publish them on YouTube as part of your SEO strategy.  After all, YouTube is the third most popular website in the entire world, so why not take advantage of its traffic and take some for yourself?

If you’re looking for a top-notch video production company, we highly recommend looking at Studio Center.


Catch video everywhere at ad:tech

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Want to master the art of marketing? Then you’ve got to be around the real masters—those who have dedicated their lives to the marketing profession and are now part of the pioneering generation of digital and internet marketing. Learn the ropes by taking part in Marketing Master sessions wherein experts themselves share their hard-learned secrets to success. For those of you who are interested in mastering the art of video production and editing, make sure you attend the session entitled video everywhere. Learn about everything from online pre-roll to OTP and apply it to your own brand of marketing.

Meanwhile, another Marketing Master session that you may find interesting is one which touches on hispanic marketing. Learn how to model your business into marketing for the quickest growing demographic segment in society today. To be able to tap into the hispanic segment means getting a bigger share of the revenue pie. Learn from marketing gurus who have studied hispanic consumer preferences and the marketing strategies that work on this segment of the market. Likewise, you’ll have to employ various market segmentation techniques in order to work your way into tapping the hispanic market.

For folks down in Sydney seeking participation in internet and digital marketing conferences, there will be a free marketing expo to be held in ad:tech’s Sydney exhibit hall next year. On the hall’s Expo floor, you’ll find the biggest marketing service providers who will share their experiences and expertise. Lend them your eyes and ears as they present their tried and tested tips and tricks, as well as their valuable opinions on digital marketing at large. You won’t find a bigger marketing event the world over.


Attend a search marketing conference

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Looking to learn the ropes of search engine optimization? Then what are you waiting for? Mingle with the best experts in the SEO field in ad:tech’s search marketing conference. You don’t have to be an SEO pro to be part of the conference. All you need to do is to register your name and you’ll have access to dozens of presentations and discussions where you can learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization and its role in digital and internet marketing.

Meanwhile, be sure to drop by ad:tech and be part of the spectacular advertising trade show. This is where you’ll meet the brightest minds in the advertising industry. Learn what advertising can do for your business and how other people have succeeded in the advertising industry. As with any other company, advertising is needed to promote products and services, and that goes for your online business as well. Get to know a few names in advertising and who knows? You might be able to learn a thing or two on how to maximize your ROI by proper advertisement targeting.

For those of you who are no strangers to internet and digital marketing, perhaps you’d like to drop by ad:tech’s exhibit hall in New York. There will be conference speakers who will be talking about online best practices. Yes, it’s going to be worthwhile listening to them, especially since they come from some of the biggest names and brands in the entire marketing industry. If you haven’t registered for the event, now’s the time to do so.

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TechXpress now Google’s certified partner

December 7, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

It’s official—TechXpress is now an official business partner of search engine giant Google, right after the company’s web marketing guru Jamie Macedo was given Google’s AdWord’s Certification. The new certification was presented to the industry much earlier in the year, and stands for a more intense and technical program which seeks only the highest standards to aspiring web marketing professionals. It also covers the use of brand new technology which has only been recently introduced by Google a few months back.

Macedo had to follow strict instructions and grueling training exercises, before finally taking two major tests back in November. To qualify for certification, a candidate must be able to show clear understanding of AdWords tools and functions and their applications in display and search ads, as well as metrics analysis and reporting. Google’s Vice President for Global Agency Development Penny Price says that the AdWords Certification will provide business and customers the latest, most concise and focused strategical training, as well as certification on using cutting edge AdWords tools. Qualifiers will also learn best practices for applying the benefits of using AdWords accounts into their respective business.

Macedo says that with his company now being a Google Certified Partner, TechXpress now has under its armada of business weapons highly specialized tools and resources to enact even more effective web marketing programs to please customers. Certification presents a clear advantage to business that wish to widen their customer base by being more effective at attracting new visitors to their sites.