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4 Content Curation Tools For Your Content Marketing Strategy

March 26, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Although content curation is hardly discussed, it still is an important part of any content marketing strategy.

And while it is important, content curation shouldn’t be the only strategy used. Conversely, if a marketer only added content about their product, they would limit their audience.

That said, here are 4 content curation tools that you could use:

#1: Google Alerts

This is a free service that is designed to find just about anything that can be found using keywords. Google alerts will send you notifications as soon as it finds content that match your keywords.

#2: List.ly

This tool is often considered to be a secret weapon of a number of content marketers. It allows you to create, share and contribute to lists that both you and others might create. Quite interestingly, you also have a List.ly WordPress plugin that you can add this functionality to your blog.

#3: Paper.li

This tool will look for content that you specify but quite differently, will send a daily report to all your followers. You can pull up content from a number of sources such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube and even RSS feeds and choose to send a report whether daily or even once or twice a week.

#4: Scoop.it

This tool will help you use a bookmarklet that will add interesting content to your Scoop.it account. It will create a newsletter, much like the previous tool, and will send it out to your followers. You can schedule when these updates go out but that feature comes with a paid ‘Business’ plan.

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Virginia to Yelp: Unmask Anonymous Reviewers

March 4, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Article by Peter Black from Fix Bad Reputation.

In a new victory for businesses who feel they have been victimized by spoofed reviews, a Virginia court has compelled Yelp to unmask a group of anonymous reviewers or take down the text. Online reviews are a trusted resource for those shopping on the Web, but faked reviews present a serious problem for consumers and businesses alike. While Yelp does allow users to post with an anonymous monicker, these rules may change with this new ruling.

Drawing on a pre-existing statute, the Virginia court ruled that anonymous reviews can cause significant harm to a business. Because it is unreliable to identify these reviewers, it is within the court’s jurisdiction to request these reviewers get unmasked. Though the ruling occurred in Virginia, the implications are wide reaching. Some are worried that this ruling will forever jeopardize Internet anonymity.

Is free speech a thing of the past? Where will the federal courts draw the line? Submit Express CEO Pierre Zarokian explores the issue in depth, examining the ramifications of this landmark ruling.

Read More: www.searchenginejournal.com/court-slams-free-speech-anonymous-yelp-reviews-fire/86069/