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The most useful reports in Google Analytics

December 10, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by : Top SEO Software Reviews

Website analytics and SEO data analysis concept.Google Analytics is probably the most powerful analytics tool available for web traffic. The best part is that it is free to use. The problem is that most webmasters simply plug the code into the website and just look at how much traffic comes in and from where. It is so much more powerful than that. Set up properly, the reports provided can be extremely useful. Here are some reports to consider using:

Landing pages’ report

This report shows the traffic and more importantly conversions for all the landing pages on the site. That is the first page they arrived on that lead to the conversion. When you find a page that converts more than others, a quick analysis can show how that success can be replicated to other content/channels.

Acquisition channels

Another report that is extremely useful for marketers. This shows a high-level view of whi
ch channels generate the most leads and conversions. You can see which ones converts the best and worst.  This is particularly useful for larger organizations where decisions need to be justified using data that management can understand. For example: when the data shows that social media traffic converts the worst, convincing management not to invest more in social gets easier when such a report clearly shows the conversion rates.


This is as useful as the landing pages report. In this report you will where the traffic to the various channels comes from and how well it converts. This can be isolated by each individual goal.