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The pros and cons of outbound marketing

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Outbound marketing is the traditional marketing model. It is a marketing campaign that targets the masses with the goal of attracting the interest of the few that find the product or service interesting. Outbound marketing is called so because it pushes the message out. As opposed to inbound marketing which draws the customer in. The standard outlets for an outbound marketing campaign are TV ads, cold calls, direct mail, pay-per-click, print ads, email lists, and billboards. Here are some of the pros and cons of outbound marketing:

Hand drawing Website Marketing concept with white chalk on blackboard.

Hand drawing Website Marketing concept with white chalk on blackboard.


The biggest pro is speed. Unlike inbound marketing, which can take at least a year to show results, outbound has immediate results. Since the outlets are media based, they can start at a moment’s notice, with the results following shortly. For organizations that have large advertising budgets, there is the possibility of an immediate return on a campaign with some potential long-term brand recognition.

The other benefit is for B2B marketing platforms like tradeshows. Time and time again, these show results.


The primary con is that it targets masses of people. The quality and quantity of the leads from that campaign can be questionable. Some people refer to outbound marketing as “interruption marketing.” The entire premise relies on taking people attention away from one thing to push the product/service. Sometimes there can be negative reactions when the message is too “in your face” for customers.