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Tips to Promote Your Website

February 15, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Perhaps one of the biggest questions that are asked by online entrepreneurs is how they can get more traffic to their website, as this automatically translates to more sales going forward. There are some simple strategies that are commonly followed by everyone and there are others that might have been missed out, and so it will be a good thing to find which ones you already know or might have missed out from this list.

Tip #1: Always include a keyword-rich title for every page as well as a Description META Tag.

Tip #2: Include Keywords in Headers

Tip #3: Place your keywords in the first paragraph of the website’s text.

Tip #4: Add keywords to the ALT attribute of your images

Tip #5: Add keywords in hyperlinks

Tip #6: Ensure that you website’s navigation system is search engine friendly

Tip #7: Focus on building each page based on specific keywords

Tip #8: Ensure that you use all forms of multimedia to promote your website

Tip #9: Submit your site to key and specialized directories as well as trade organization sites.

Tip #10: Request for reciprocal links.

Tip #11: Write free articles about your area of expertise that others can use on other website or newsletters.

Tip #12: Join a social media network such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter.

Tip #13: Start a business blog.

Tip #14: Provide visitors with the option to bookmark your site.

Tip #15: Publish a monthly newsletter while also adding a signature which allows customers to get in touch with you personally.