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Periscope on Twitter for iOS

February 27, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

web-marketing-tutorialFacebook has been promoting its live video offering lately. Even going to the extent of prioritizing Live video streams in the news feed. This is clearly aimed at attractive streamers from Periscope. In response, Twitter will now show periscope streams from users you follow directly in stream.

In a post on its Medium page: “Whenever a broadcast is shared on Twitter, you tap the link to open the Periscope app. Today, we’re replacing those links with the broadcast itself, autoplaying right within the Tweet. And when you tap the video, it goes full-screen and shows Periscope comments and hearts from other viewers. You don’t need the Periscope app or even a Periscope account.”

This should increase engagement and viewership considerably. It also means that you no longer need the Periscope app to watch live streams from those in your twitter feed. These will also appear in search results:

“For broadcasters, this means you can reach the massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, there’s now a richer experience in your home timeline, search results, and on anyone’s profile who’s shared a Periscope.”

The feature is not live at this point. It is rolling out for iOS users first: “We’re rolling out this feature on Twitter for iOS over the next few days. To everyone using Twitter for Android or on web: we haven’t forgotten about you! We plan to roll these features out on all platforms as soon as they’re ready.”

It appears that both Facebook and Twitter see a big future for Live video. Expect to see a lot more features for both soon.


Why Email Retargeting Should Be Highly Considered

February 22, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Email-MarketingStudies have shown that email customers are more valuable than the average customer. This is only one reason why email marketing is such an important tool for businesses today. While you may believe that there are new tactics that trump this so-called “outdated” method, emails lead generation rates and returns still remain at a high level.


Using retargeting as a strategy has increased sales conversions and is one of the most popular and effective ways to reach out to customers and advertise content at the same time. Now retargeting can happen in numerous ways. You can utilize “cookies” to display your ads when you visit other sites. If you are working with other online businesses or vendors that are also retargeting, you can ensure that your prospects will continue to see ads for week, or even months after.

Email Retargeting

Email retargeting works in a similar fashion. Instead of using banners to reach out to your prospects, emails are sent to follow up to people who have opened previous messages that they’ve read. Now, this is completely different from spamming an inbox. Retargeting avoids profusely flooding a person’s inbox and instead occasionally follows up. This creates a greater probability for conversions since the people that are being sent emails are familiar with your product or service. With the right content and call to action, your prospect will visit your site and you can even potentially make the sale. Consider email retargeting today if you are using email marketing campaigns as one of your outreach programs.

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