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3 Most Successful (and Underrated) Marketing Strategies in 2012

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Technology, and in particular, web marketing change strategies as soon as someone tries something new. Yet there are time-tested strategies that continue to deliver results while remaining as inconspicuous as ever. So, here are the 3 most successful marketing strategies in 2012:

#1: Facebook Ads
The beauty of Facebook ads is that if you are very specific about the type of consumers you want to reach, they’re able to do this for you, rather effortlessly, and in most cases, deliver results that have a greater than 100% ROI. The only caveat in this case is that this group of specific consumers will see those ads over and over again, so it’s a good idea to upload new ads to avoid annoying your potential customers.

#2: YouTube Advertising
Known as TrueView InStream ads, these ads that play before your video begins does hold a lot of potential especially if you are targeting groups that might be interested in purchasing these products. Of course, there are some users who might find this annoying but it is the perfect way to position your product based on location and individuals who are interested in such a product. All
you have to do is create an excellent ad, set up a YouTube channel and work on the AdWords

#3: Email Marketing
Without a doubt, email marketing has delivered results time and time again despite the promise that social media when it comes to online marketing. No matter what people say, Facebook hasn’t killed email yet as it has proved to make more money for organizations as opposed to any of the other methods. In fact, email marketing should be your first approach before anything else.

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Contractor Accounting Software for Daily Operations

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Article submitted by accu-build.com

Contractor’s in any field whether it be plumbing, remodeling, roofing or any other field should have contractor accounting software for daily operations. The software can be installed on any type of laptop or computer and makes performing accounting functions such as accounts payable accounts receivable and other accounting functions easier and more accurate.

Without accounting software contractors would have to prepare invoices and apply payments by hand. This would be very time consuming and take time away from their business. Contractor software comes loaded with all the features contractor’s need to keep their business running smooth.

Construction document management is prioritizing documents in order of importance. For example, the most important documents a construction company uses are contracts, order forms, payroll forms and other similar documents. The easiest way to manage these documents is using document management software that includes templates for these types of documents. Job costing software helps contractor’s and construction companies estimate how much a job would cost by factoring in labor and materials. One of the best places to find these types of software is at www.accu-build.com. They specialize in providing software for contractor’s and construction companies. Just browse their extensive inventory to find the type of software you need. To find other types of software such as for preparing documents or creating invoices just search online. There are several websites where contractor’s and construction companies can find a variety of software for every aspect of their business. For individual contractor’s or small construction companies there is even software available that will manage their entire business such as preparing documents, creating reports, writing checks and many other functions

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Processing Credit Cards Online Grows In Popularity

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When you are an owner of your very own business that operates online, you know just how important it is to be able to take part in processing credit cards online.  If you are trying to come up with a business model that has the ability to succeed online, you really need to be able to accept credit cards in order to take part in any substantial and consistent sales revenue.

Accepting credit cards is the first step to really growing your small business.  When you are thinking about ways in which you can bring in more customers and get more sales done and recorded into your accounting books, then credit cards are really going to help you get there.  When you are thinking about exponential growth and really increasing your market share then a merchant account so that you can accept credit cards may be the best course of action that you can take.

Small business credit card processing has never been easier to take part in thanks advancements in technology and great companies.  Even if you need to take part in high risk credit card processing, there are companies like this who can really help.  Growing a small business is one of the hardest things that you can ever do.  When you want to achieve sustained growth you need a business model that is going to be able to sustain and expand over time.  Being able to accept credit cards is a great way to start