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3 Simple Ways to Get More Customers from Your Site

March 6, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Two reasons why more and more businesses want a website of their own is because it not only increases visibility amongst customers but it also sells your products or services for you.

However, there’s a catch: not all visitors will read all the content on the page and most of all, they don’t visit the other pages on your site too. Most of them leave as soon as they’ve arrived, and once you take steps to deal with these customers, you can see your sales rise as a result.

So, here are three simple ways by which you can keep these customers at your site:

#1: Make content easy to find

If you are aware of the fact that most customers usually read information at the top of the page, then it shouldn’t be difficult to make sure that you help them find the most important information. Some of these include what you have to offer, latest announcements and news, social media links and your company phone number.

In most cases, interested customers will prefer calling people they want to do business with, and putting your phone number here will ensure that you do get a bit more calls than usual.

#2: Use an Opt-In Form

An opt-in form is for visitors who do not wish to call you. Using this method helps you collect information about them while offering them information that might help you gain sales. Just make sure that you tell them to contact you instead of giving them the option of doing so, using this method.

#3: Use a Chat Box

If your customers do not want to call you or use the opt-in form, you can use a chat box so as to communicate with them to find out more about what they need. This is just as good as speaking with them over the phone. However, ensure that the chat box appears before they choose to leave your site for another.