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Three Basic Strategies for Link Building (Part 2 of 2)

June 10, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Once the Reciprocal link building system fell through, another more ingenious system was put into place by developers. Called the Three Way, this system was essentially reciprocal link building; but it required a little bit more co-ordination. Here is how it works: website “A” links to website “B”, but “B” does not link back to “A”. Instead it links to website “C” which links to “A”. In this manner the line can grow almost infinitely, with the only person at risk being website “A”. That is because the last person in line needs to link back to “A” and if they don’t do that, “A” does not get anything out of this.

Unfortunately for the developers, Google cracked this method as well. Chain linking is fine, as long as it does not curve back on itself and complete the circle. But once again, this is a decent method of drive traffic to you website.

The third method is currently the best and does not involve any trickery. This is, perhaps, what Google wanted from the start, as it is a decent measure of a website’s popularity. This method is called One Way linking.

A one way link is a link that points to your website from another website. You should not have any links going back to that website or else your PR will suffer. This is where your SEO, Social bookmarking, article marketing etc plans start having an effect. Having plenty of sites outside your domain pointing back at you will get Google to place you higher and higher. In fact it is possible to get to the top of a search result page purely on PR alone. This is the method you should be concentrating on from now on.