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3 Crucial Affiliate Program Mistakes

June 17, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Building an affiliate program as a manager is not necessarily a cakewalk but the truth is that there are mistakes that an affiliate manager can avoid so as to increase their chances of building a successful program.

So here are 3 crucial affiliate program mistakes that every affiliate program manager should consciously avoid:

#1: Don’t compete with your affiliates

Competing with your affiliates in terms of search engine ranking and pay-per-click advertising programs is probably the worst mistake of them all. What’s the point in investing with your affiliates if you want to compete with them?

Come to think of it, if you do succeed, you won’t have an affiliate network to work with in the future.

So it’s self-defeating isn’t it? Instead, it would be a better idea to support them.

#2: Not providing affiliate with the required real-time statistics

Without statistics, it’s impossible for marketers to know whether the campaign they’re running is effective or not. Worse still, it’s pointless to send them basic statistics such as commission earned, the number of visitors or the number of sales.

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail, and so this applies to sending detailed statistics to your affiliates as well.

#3: Not compensating affiliates for their hard work

No matter what you think, cold hard cash is the best incentive for any affiliate of yours. It’s best for the affiliate program manager to do away with the SEO and the advertising department, and raise the commission rates with the affiliates that they are associated with. Nothing motivates affiliates (or just anyone!) more than money.