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How to improve the client-agency relationship in SEO

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In this article we look how we can improve the client-agency relationship in the SEO industry from both perspectives:


The first thing any client needs to understand is that you need to work with your agency to establish your methods and goals. Often, from the perspective of the agency, client goals are usually vague and result in complications. You have a problem, and you hired the agency to fix it for you. This is why you need to work with your agency and use a single point of contact to avoid confusion.

When dealing with an agency, learn to set expectations and be patient. However, if you do see that the metrics you are tracking are not performing to your liking, then talk to the agency immediately. Work out how to go forward in a way that both parties are happy.


The agency has a responsibility to ensure that the client understands exactly how things will work and to take the mystery out of the process. Part of the process involves assessing what the client contact point knows about the process and then correcting any misconceptions. Provide the client with a proper understanding of the process so that they know how you arrive at the results.

There are plenty of campaigns where you won’t see the sort of results a client expects. Set expectations and provide a solid flow of communication with the client. There are days when things won’t go so well and building a good foundation will maintain the relationship through those hard times.


Common mindset mistakes in SEO

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Anyone who works in SEO will tell you that there are no guarantees with even the most intricately planned SEO campaigns. There are so many variables in SEO, like changes to the search algorithm, competitor behavior, and changes in the market, that it is always best to keeps expectations low. However, another reason for avoiding short-term expectations is the time it takes to change their mindset when it comes to success online. Here are some of the more common issues that you need to address:

Content narcissism

Most corporate blogs and websites place too much emphasis on their products in their content. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion, but that promotion should have some form of justification other than simply saying so. When planning content for a corporate blog, create content that is helpful to the reader, solves a problem, or provides the material your target market will look for online in relation to your product niche.

Pleasing Google

Google traffic is important to all of us. The problem starts when that is the only source of traffic for a site. When Google announces a new change, best practice, or format, there is a tendency for people to make the latest change a priority for their website. Before you do so, first ensure that the change is in the best interest of your site and your business, and second, make sure that more important projects don’t lose priority over the change.

Big thing

Lastly, avoid the need to adopt that latest SEO trick that some webmaster has figured out. SEO is about long-term incremental improvements that bring your site in-line with best practices that are good for ranking in Google and for your customers. Avoid looking for the next big thing, they almost never last.

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Tips for Performing Keyword Research

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keyword-research-tipsKeyword research is the process followed by website operators to determine search terms people will enter into search engines to find certain search results. Websites can be structured around keywords to attain good visibility in search engines for particular searches. Certain steps are recommended by keyword experts for the successful implementation of keyword research. A search engine marketing service will likely apply the same steps in performing its service.

The keywords you develop will be words and terms that relate directly to your business and that customers might use to identify and locate your business as a preferred provider of products and services. To simply maximize website traffic from search engine position, apply the same steps. These steps would be recommended by a search engine marketing firm. Website visitors seek websites focused on subjects of interest to them. Think of these as products offered by a website, just like products and services sold by merchants.

Step one is to clearly understand how your business or website is viewed by visitors. Consider topics that will be of interest to potential customers and website visitors. List the topics on paper or in a Word document and make them column headings. Fill in the columns with keywords that relate to the topics. You might have a list of eight or ten topics. You may conduct market research or talk with colleagues to construct this list.

When reviewing your list, consider head terms and long tail keywords. Generally speaking, head terms are short keywords of just one to three words. Long tail keywords consist of more than three words. Your keywords should contain a mix of both. Head terms are searched for more frequently, but long tail searches are more meaningful. Google’s free Keyword Tool is an excellent way to evaluate the effectiveness of both kinds of keywords.

Keyword planning takes time and effort, but if you give it time and effort you will wind up with a powerful list of keywords. Structure your website and website communications around your keywords. Website traffic and customer inquiries can multiply as a result of your efforts. You can do this job yourself, and if you do, you won’t need to hire any search engine marketing agency.

Sticky Web Media was founded in 2006. The Los Angeles search engine optimization company specializes in improving client’s visibility in search.

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Top SEO Firms & Agencies

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Website magazine Top 20 SEO FirmsWebsite Magazine has published a list of Top 50 SEO Firms & Agencies. Website Magazine has analyzed various factors in ranking these companies, including website’s popularity (presumably via backlinks) and the site’s traffic.

At #1 is Submit Express, who has been around since 1998.  They have thousands of backlinks and rank pretty well for SEO related terms.  At #2 is Marketleap, who is not really an SEO firm, but a data provider. At #3 is Submit Edge, another search marketing firm with thousands of backlinks who has been around for a long time.  Many making it into top 10 are companies that have been in the industry for a long time, so it is natural for them to have more links and popularity.

Please keep in mind that this list is purely based on online popularity and does not necessarily mean these are the best SEO firms, but rather the most popular firms.  You should do your own due diligence when hiring an SEO firm, by checking references and their online reviews.

Below is a link to the full article:
Website Magazine Top 50 SEO Firms