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Four Important Laws of Web Marketing

March 24, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

If you are interested in web marketing, there are a few principles that hold the water in any circumstance.  And while there are several Do’s and Don’ts that have been theorized for web marketing success, a shorter list of five principles should be enough to get you started.

So here are the five principles related to successful web marketing:

Law #1: Dead End Street

While you might have an excellent product or service to offer, the truth is that without a proper web marketing plan, the success of the website that you might have developed ends up nowhere. Yes, if your content is not compelling enough, people will forget you very easily.

You must give visitors a reason to come, and then they will buy whatever you have to offer.

Law #2: Giving and Selling

One popular practice when it comes to commerce conducted over the Web these days is to offer visitors something for free while also making an attempt to sell something while they visit your site.

Law #3: Trust

Before you begin marketing your product over the Web, you have to make sure whether your product or service is competitively priced and is of good quality. Once you are sure of this, then you can expect to establish an excellent reputation after which you will not have any problem attracting customers to your site.

Law #4: Pull and Push

Again and again, the primary driver for people to visit your site is to write compelling content.  Once you have attracted (pull) people to your site, then you should also follow it up by sending (push) quality information about your product or service by email.

Internet Marketing

The Benefits of Hiring an Online Advertising Network for Publishers

March 9, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Developing an online marketing campaign for publishing companies can take a lot of time and research. That is why many publishers invest in hiring professional and experienced online ad networks. A professional online ad network such as Mediashakers specializes in helping publishers receive the most value for their traffic, the highest quality advertisers and much more. Here is a look at just a few of the many benefits publishers can expert when hiring Mediashakers.

Earn the most from your website’s traffic. According to the company’s website, Mediashakers employs a talented global sales team who will introduce your website to advertisers and ad agencies interested in reaching your target audience through the Web. Publishers will enjoy premium rates for advertisements place on their website along with 100 percent fill of traffic.

Best quality advertisers. Publishers want high quality advertisers and advertisers want the right publishers. Mediashakers does the leg work for both parties by identifying and creating the ideal fit between publishers and advertisers. According to the company, this is a “win-win relationship” that generates the most revenue for both groups.

Advanced technology. The world of online marketing and advertising is constantly evolving. Professional ad network Mediashakers is on the cutting-edge of these technologies by producing new tools in order to enhance the service they provide for their customers. For example, the company has developed the OPT tool, designed to identify the best possible matches between publishers and advertisers.

Quick and simple payout. The purpose of any marketing campaign is to generate sales, to earn money. Unlike its competitors, Mediashakers offers timely payments via Paypal, Wire or MasterCard. In addition, the company has developed the Mediashakers MasterCard Debit Card, making it possible for publishers to withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide instead of waiting for payment to arrive. The Debit Card automatically gets prepaid on the 5th of every month.