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Why Web Marketing Is So Different From Offline Marketing

October 27, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

There’s a technology surge that has spun a new generation of consumers. You are missing out on a wide spectrum of consumers if you only utilize offline marketing to reach your consumer base. The following gives a brief overview of how web marketing differs from offline marketing.

One huge difference between the two is the response time. When you’re marketing offline you have the ability to personalize your marketing campaign. This method allows customers to put a face with a name. It is during this process that you are able to get a true feel for how consumers may feel about your product or service instantly. Web marketing, on the other hand, requires marketers to wait for a response. There may be emails or invitations that require customer response. This is a less aggressive approach that requires you to wait on customers to reply.

Web marketing is still important, however, because it allows you to reach a larger audience. Offline marketing techniques can help you personalize your efforts, but web marketing can help you reach an audience that you may never access with offline marketing alone. The ability to reach consumers through social media circles, email, and websites allow marketers to grab the attention of customers all over the world. There are no limitations on the customers that you can access through this method. It’s always a good strategy to implement web marketing because it broadens your consumer base. It also allows you to advertise much faster than offline marketing

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Top SEO Firms & Agencies

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Website magazine Top 20 SEO FirmsWebsite Magazine has published a list of Top 50 SEO Firms & Agencies. Website Magazine has analyzed various factors in ranking these companies, including website’s popularity (presumably via backlinks) and the site’s traffic.

At #1 is Submit Express, who has been around since 1998.  They have thousands of backlinks and rank pretty well for SEO related terms.  At #2 is Marketleap, who is not really an SEO firm, but a data provider. At #3 is Submit Edge, another search marketing firm with thousands of backlinks who has been around for a long time.  Many making it into top 10 are companies that have been in the industry for a long time, so it is natural for them to have more links and popularity.

Please keep in mind that this list is purely based on online popularity and does not necessarily mean these are the best SEO firms, but rather the most popular firms.  You should do your own due diligence when hiring an SEO firm, by checking references and their online reviews.

Below is a link to the full article:
Website Magazine Top 50 SEO Firms



Promote Your Business with Vinyl Banner

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When promoting your business at trade shows, it would be a very wise idea to use both trade show displays and vinyl banners. These display your businesses name and message for the huge global populace to see. With the banners, there are many different sizes for you to choose from when promoting your business. They range from 2’X2’ to 8’X8’ and the price range will vary according to the sizes that you want. Banners like this are the perfect complement to any trade show or indoor displays.

Trade show displays are also great for bringing the business to your doorstep. Along with the combination of vinyl banners, they are a one-two punch that draws business like a magnet. Some of these displays are curved while others are straight. Items like this are easy to set up and present your business to the world with class and style. These displays can come with 3 or 4 panels and may also come with lights to further present your business to those attending the trade show. Your business has to distinguish itself from the others and using these tools helps it to do just that. They are bright and attractive and help draw the eyes of customers to your show.

So if a trade show is in your future, why not choose the combination of trade show displays along with vinyl banners to present your business. You simply cannot beat this combination for making your business promotable while at a trade show. Business can pick up when properly promoted by using these tools.