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Test ranking potential with an AMP test

January 1, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Google makes it very clear that AMP does not help to rank in any way. However, a lot of technology that Google encourages does end up as a ranking signal. Eventually, even in the near-future, AMP could become a ranking factor. Even now, AMP pages will load a lot faster on mobiles, and with page speed becoming a ranking factor for the mobile-first index, you will might see an improvement immediately. The best way is to conduct a test with a few of your pages. Here is a simple process to follow:


The most important step is to select the right pages. Avoid organic pages that have seasonal variance. Also, avoid any period where there is a transition from one to another. You want a page that has consistent traffic from organic search throughout the test period.


Set the benchmarks with at least two months worth of pre-test data. We need a good period of comparison when we finish the test.


Build and set up your AMP pages and ensure none of them have errors. Google Webmaster Console will have all the data you need. Once you fix any errors, you can start the test.


Once you run the test for at least 90 days, pull the data from search console and then compare with the pre-test period. The data from the pre-test period should not include any AMP pages and the post-test period should only have AMP pages.