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Google is rolling out Symptom related answers for Mobile

June 28, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

web-marketing-tutorialGoogle announced that they are rolling out symptom related answers for mobile users. According to Google, one percent of all search queries are for symptoms. This is not uprisings as whenever anyone has an issue, they now turn to the search engine. The problem was that some of the results pages suggested remedies that might not have been inline with the conditions. This way Google can now direct people to basic information and direct people to a doctor when needed.

“You’re not alone. Roughly 1 percent of searches on Google (think: millions!) are symptom-related. But health content on the web can be difficult to navigate, and tends to lead people from mild symptoms to scary and unlikely conditions, which can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress.”

Now when you ask Google about symptoms like “headache on one side,” you will get a list of related symptoms like cluster headaches, sinusitis etc. For something like a single symptom, like a headache, Google will give an overview of the condition along with possible rememdies/self treatment options. In addition, they will also recommend medical diagnosis for anything serious. The goal here is to give more information on health conditions and to also let you know when it is important to talk to a dedicated health professional.

They also have the usual disclaimer since we are referring to medical related advice, suggesting that you should always talk to a doctor for medical advice. The feature is being rolled out for English queries in the United States to start and will then be made available worldwide.

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Why Email Segmentation is So Effective

June 11, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

market-segmentationSegmentation is one of the most useful strategies that marketers still fail to apply.

There are often times when email marketers will search for advice on how they can improve their open rates and click through rates when running their campaigns. Most of the time, they’ll overlook the one factor that will help increase conversions – segmentation.

Piquing the Customer’s Interest

If you aren’t aware of email segmentation, it’s basically a way of catering an individual email to a certain consumer. For instance, if you were the consumer signing up for a clothing company, you’d browse around at the type of clothing styles you’d be interested in – like jeans for example. The following emails that will be sent to you will show the newest jeans that have come out. This will entice you, as the consumer, to check through their store and possibly purchase one.

The power of segmentation can not only increase your overall conversion rate, but it will also make your marketing campaign feel less robotic. This means, your customer might appreciate the fact that you are taking the time to personalize their emails and it may even garner more interest for your business. It’s also proven that segmentation leads to higher conversion rates, which is one of the main reasons why you should include this within your marketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

Email segmentation is one of the many tactics that a marketer can implement within their campaign. It’s useful, effective, and can generate a business more leads – if done correctly. With all the competition out there, you’ll want to take advantage of every type of strategy available to you.

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