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Choosing a Lead Provider

August 29, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Having a third party handle you marketing budget is something that will always make you apprehensive. Whatever business you are in, you need your internet lead provider to be on the ball. That is why you need to pick the right partner for the job. If you choose wisely you will have less stress and the choice becomes easier if you ask the right questions. The following are some of those questions.

·How do you do it? – Real internet leads are almost guaranteed sales. This is because consumers do their own research and find the businesses that they want to deal with. So when they end up at a product they like and ask for a callback, you can be sure that they are more than half sold on the product itself. The problem is that not all lead providers do things this way. Sometimes their processes can be questionable, which in turn means you will be contacting annoyed people.

·How long have you done this for? – Longevity is not necessarily the only factor in deciding on a provider; but it does mean that they are experienced and successful. These factors are essential in a provider to whom you are going to give your marketing budget to.

·Do you have a return policy? – No matter how good the lead generator is, the leads will contain some bad contacts. These are unavoidable because competitors often, fraudster and even consumers contribute bad or incorrect data. Although this is annoying, it is not a huge problem and is easily fixed if you provider has good return policy.

·Do you have references? – A standard question you should ask. Talk to their references and find out the issues and problems they have had.

·Are you rated? – Check with the better business bureau on the providers rating. This should give you good reading on the providers performance thus far.