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How Sweepstakes Companies Can Help You Market Your Business

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Business owners everywhere are finding out how sweepstakes games can help their business. Sweepstakes include games like a random drawing or video sweepstakes machines in order to encourage return customers. It gives customers a chance to win a prize, which encourages them to return to your place of business because they feel appreciated. Legally, a sweepstakes must include a “no purchase necessary” statement explicitly described in the offering. This kind of promotional technique allows for customers to participate and interact with your business where they otherwise might have passed it by. It’s an engaging and exciting way for customers to interact with what you have to offer. The “standard lottery rule” says that a customer must first be able to win something of value, called a prize. The chance is their ability to win the prize based on fair practices and luck. The consideration means that the customer has to purchase your product, visit the store a certain amount of times, download a file, etc., to be able to participate in the contest. You are able to choose the terms of consideration for your sweepstakes game. When you develop a sweepstakes, you can only use two of the three of the above elements. Now if you don’t want to develop your own game, there are internet games offered by sweepstakes companies that follow all the legal requirements that you would need to follow. This is a much simpler option for promoting your business, and you don’t need to worry about getting in any legal trouble with the government.


New Lloyd Irvin Home Study Course Teaches How to Use Testing to Make Your Marketing More Effective

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CAMP SPRINGS, Md., June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Leading internet marketing expert Lloyd Irvin has this month published a new home study course teaching business owners and others how to use internet …

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New Lloyd Irvin Home Study Course Teaches How to Use Testing to Make Your Marketing More Effective


Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company, Avital Web, Provides Online Marketing Solutions for Dental Practices

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LOS ANGELES, June 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Dentists have unique marketing needs, but many busy dentists simply do not know where to turn when it comes to building and optimizing their websites. Avital …

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Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company, Avital Web, Provides Online Marketing Solutions for Dental Practices

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Great ways to save money on your business.

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If you are looking for meeting rooms for rent its important to always check out the location and the area first, some places will rent you out shabby areas that will make your business look bad. Some great tips on getting professional looking office space for lease can be simple but some of the most eye catching, small details are important.

Contrasting furnishing can often times be a wonderful part of a business, if you have dark wood rooms then having lighter colored or white chairs can often stand out and be extremely eye catching for business partners and employees. Sleek tables and being able to give water to each of your guests gives a very professional and wall mannered business air, and if the business meeting or get together is going to be long being able to provide a snack (such as a muffin or rolls or something similar, a few options for those who may be allergic or against something) will also show that you are serious about potential investors or the success of your business. Tables with ‘shinier’ tops often also catch the eye of many visitors, and being able to use a projection or some sort of board to help illustrate your ideas or points is key, many people are visual so these cues will stick with them longer.

Article Submitted by Premier Business Centers. There are many locations, over 60 to be exact, that Premier Business Centers service, Office Space Dallas is just one of the many places where your business can find great rental space with professional grade and reasonable prices.


4 Types of Popular Social Media Content

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Publishing content over the web, especially on social media sites, can prove to be very profitable for your business. The more number of likes, shares, +1s or tweets your published content can get, the greater your reach will be along with the traffic to your website, search engine optimization and lead generation.

Seeing how important this aspect is, here are 4 popular types of quality social media content:

#1: Newsjacked Content

A combination of the latest industry news combined with your thoughts tends to do well, and for obvious reasons too. What you need to make sure is that you pick up on this content as soon as possible so as to benefit from its current popularity to get a large number of views and generate leads as a result.

#2: Statistical Content

People crave statistical content in the form of numbers and facts. Not only will statistics make your content credible but it will also make it all that more authoritative and relevant. However, just providing lists of statistics will not do. Add context and your own unique insights to these statistics to craft a wonderful story.

#3: Infographics

With infographics being colorful and just as informative about events, processes and information, it is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to create compelling content. In fact, it is one of the most common types of  content created specifically for social media sites namely Pinterest.

#4: Visual Content

Visual content is probably very popular considering how much easier it is watch a video as opposed to reading text. The best part is that it entertains as well as informs us as well making it easy to digest as well. This is why even compelling presentations such as SlideShare presentations are an excellent way to present information about your company.