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Guide to Bing ad management for beginners

June 3, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

When it comes to advertising online and getting your ads in front of as many people as possible, you should not ignore any ad platform. For example, Google and Facebook dominate the online ad market by a wide margin. However, Bing has a steady 7% share of the global search engine market, and that is too much traffic, and potential sales to ignore. Here is how you get started running ads on the Bing network:

Step one – Create an account. If you have created an account on any other ad platform, the process will seem familiar. When you complete sign up, Bing offers a very convenient option to import your Adwords campaigns.

Step two – Keyword research in Bing much like any other ad network and includes a keyword planner tool. Once you complete keyword research, you can use the planner tool to narrow down the list of keywords you plan on using.

Step three – The last step is to create your campaign. Click on the button that says “create your 1st campaign” and enter the relevant details. Select your keywords and then your budget. If you want to spend $20 a day, set that as the maximum and Bing will stop showing your ads when you hit that figure.

When it comes to keyword selection, be careful and set the right type of matching for that keyword. Here are the types of search matches you can select on Bing:

Broad match — Search queries that contain your keyword related to your keyword or keyword phrease.

Broad match modifier — Close variations of your keyword based on a modifier you provide. For example: if you selected +yellow jacket, you will also match “blue jacket” and “red jacket”.

Phrase match — Search queries that contain the same words in your keyword, in the same order. Please remember that this applies even if there are other words in between your phrase.

Exact match — Only the exact match of your keywords will show.

Negative match — Ad will not show for any of these keywords.

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