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Build backlinks by turning mentions into links

October 16, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

web-marketing-tutorialIf you are promoting your site right, then chances are that other websites will be talking about you or your product. These are known as mentions. If none of these mentions actually link to your site or product that was referenced, then it is a missed opportunity for a link. Fortunately, with a little bit of work we can turn these into links that will help the site’s SEO.

The first step is to find any mentions of the website or the product. We also want to avoid any of our own pages or other campaigns appearing in the results. Search for the site or product name but make sure that the time period of the search is as short as possible. Start out with one day and then expand little by little.

Open the pages that come on the search and check for the actual mentions. Make a list of all such pages that do not link back to you from the mention.

This is where it gets hard. Now that you have located mentions without links, the site owners need to be contacted. You need to ask them (nicely) if they could link to your site from the mention. Contact can be made using email or the sites contact form. However, sometimes a social media channel might seem less like spam.

Assuming that the link was added. Give it about four weeks and check back if the ranking on the page has improved. Even a minor traffic bump can be indicative of a fluctuating ranking improvement.