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When to Send Your Emails

April 30, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

email1Written by eTargetMedia.

eTargetMedia helps customers with all aspects of their email marketing campaigns — from developing targeted and well-qualified mailing lists to developing creative content. One aspect that many customers struggle with is trying to determine the optimal time for sending their emails to customers. This includes both the time of day and the day in the week that will give their emails the best chance to be opened and read.

Customers are busy and emails can be lost in the shuffle. So when is the best time to send your emails so they are noticed? Mailchimp published research in 2014 which had some surprising results:

Little Differences in Weekdays: Many people think that Mondays are the best day to send out emails since people are motivated for the week. Other people think that Mondays are not good because people are digging out from emails over the weekend. The truth is that optimal send times are fairly evenly distributed from Monday through Thursday.

Some Markets Prefer Weekend Mailings: While weekdays are preferable overall to weekends for mailings, there are some exceptions. Many segments that are retail-oriented are ideal for weekend emails. This can include hobbies, retail and entertainment-focused emails.

Late Mornings and Early Afternoons Are the Best Times for Emails: It’s perhaps not surprising that the time period between late morning and lunch is the best time for sending emails during the weekdays. This is the time when people have cleared their plate of messages and tasks that have piled up but haven’t yet started to “check out” for the day.

eTargetMedia offers creative services and postal/email mailing lists for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. They can also increase email marketing lists through email appending services.

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3 Best Practices to Drive Conversion with Email Newsletters

April 3, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Email newsletters come in handy for small business owners who can convert website visitors into prospective customers.

There are two things that any email newsletter should contain: valuable information about your product or service that engages your audience to the point that they are convinced that your company is the right choice.

Apart from this, here are 3 best practices that can drive conversions with email newsletters:

#1: A Personal Introduction

Customers will always like to know who you are instead of a message from a faceless representative of a business. Write a story of what is going on in your Life which is related to what you want to cover. Also, inform them of what is being covered in the newsletter along with an appropriate call-to-action.

#2: High-Quality Editorial Content

It’s important to remember that articles and essays are an important part of your newsletter, so it’s not a good idea to write something quickly and which isn’t very appealing to your reader. At least, aim for writing one 500-word article which contains helpful tips and information or other high-quality content that your current and prospective customers can use.

You don’t have to write the newsletter content yourself and when necessary, can use blog or article content that you have written already.

#3: Add an Offer

Without a doubt, make sure that you add a strong call-to-action along with an important offer to get your readers (prospective customers) to buy your product or service. In particular, add this section at the end of your newsletter but ensure that it stays in line with the theme of your newsletter. Most of all, ensure that this section is separate to where you’ve added the editorial content so that it doesn’t look like a sales pitch.