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Marketing Ideas for Staying Competitive in the Internet Age

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Since businesses have discovered the Internet, the field of digital marketing has become the most competitive advertising landscape in the world. In order to stay ahead of their competition, businesses must know how to effectively advertise their goods and services through the Internet medium. Here are a few tactics for making most of the Internet for marketing.

Influencer marketing

Influencers and online thought leaders are responsible for defining the tastes and preferences of their fans and followers within their specific demographic. If your company’s product or service appeals to a specific demographic with prominent influencers, consider sponsoring their blog and channel in exchange for an endorsement. As Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings, says, “Beyond OTC Global Holdings, I have projects in other fields such as the tequila industry. For products like fine beverages, it’s important to win the trust of the tastemakers whose opinions your potential customers will listen to.”

Search engine optimization

 SEO is becoming a necessity in an online world dominated by search engine rankings. SEO requires thought and planning since it is a tactic for organically raising your search engine rankings by targeting specific keywords. It might be wise to invest in an SEO expert or company who can make sure your website and online content are optimized for search engines.

Video marketing

 Online video can be a visceral, in-depth way to showcase all the strengths and benefits of your product or service. Through slick production, the use of engaging hosts or personalities, and entertaining content, you can draw viewers in who will eventually become customers.



The most useful reports in Google Analytics

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Article written by : Top SEO Software Reviews

Website analytics and SEO data analysis concept.Google Analytics is probably the most powerful analytics tool available for web traffic. The best part is that it is free to use. The problem is that most webmasters simply plug the code into the website and just look at how much traffic comes in and from where. It is so much more powerful than that. Set up properly, the reports provided can be extremely useful. Here are some reports to consider using:

Landing pages’ report

This report shows the traffic and more importantly conversions for all the landing pages on the site. That is the first page they arrived on that lead to the conversion. When you find a page that converts more than others, a quick analysis can show how that success can be replicated to other content/channels.

Acquisition channels

Another report that is extremely useful for marketers. This shows a high-level view of whi
ch channels generate the most leads and conversions. You can see which ones converts the best and worst.  This is particularly useful for larger organizations where decisions need to be justified using data that management can understand. For example: when the data shows that social media traffic converts the worst, convincing management not to invest more in social gets easier when such a report clearly shows the conversion rates.


This is as useful as the landing pages report. In this report you will where the traffic to the various channels comes from and how well it converts. This can be isolated by each individual goal.


DealCrunch and Submit Express Review the Next Year in Marketing

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marketing-planIf you want to know which marketing trends are going to be the most important in 2017, a good person to talk to is Pierre Zarokian. He’s been in search marketing since 1998, when he founded Submit Express with the goal of improving the Google rankings for his clients. Since, he’s branched out into reputation management and helped hundreds of businesses improve their ratings, and revenue, with some simple fixes.

Step One: Reviews

Reviews are set to be one of the most important metrics of 2017, as Zarokian points out in this article with DealCrunch’s Sean Garrity. Positive reviews will be an important factor in customers coming to your location. Too many negative reviews may turn people away, even if you offer superior service to your competition. This is especially true for restaurants, where one poor experience publicized on a Yelp page can turn away dozens of potential customers.

You need to create a feedback loop for your business, capturing the customer’s reviews before they get to Yelp. Then, you can exercise a bit more control over what your profiles look like and what customers are saying about you. You can also have some negative reviews completely removed, if they fit certain criteria.

Step Two: Search Marketing

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and it’s not easy for small businesses to keep up. In the coming year, you’ll need to make sure your site is mobile friendly and that it conforms to modern standards for content and design. Next, you’ll need to look at which pages your customers are most likely to visit. These pages might be your most profitable pages, or some hidden gem you hadn’t considered before.

That’s the power of SEO. It helps you find untapped real estate, and improve its standing in search. Combined with a powerful social media presence, you’ll see long term success if you keep it up.


Internet Marketing Agency Ajax Union to Add New Check-Up Feature to KiwiSEO

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Over the next month, Ajax Union will introduce a new feature to KiwiSEO, the internet marketing agency’s onsite SEO analysis tool. The new check-up feature will provide a comprehensive monthly overview of a domain’s performance and will integrate tips for improving SEO efforts. (PRWeb July 05, 2013) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/AjaxUnion/KiwiSEO-onsite-analysis …

See the rest here: 
SEO-onsite-analysis/prweb10898439.htm” title=”Internet Marketing Agency Ajax Union to Add New Check-Up Feature to KiwiSEO“>Internet Marketing Agency Ajax Union to Add New Check-Up Feature to KiwiSEO


3 Ways to assess whether an Internet Marketing Company is Right for your Business

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targetAlmost every company these days knows that one way to bring more business into the organization is possible by increasing their ‘internet presence’. So, the next obvious step is to either hire an SEO consultant or an internet marketing consultant for this.

But how does one know whether the company is able to ‘deliver the goods’?

Simply, really – it’s a good idea to check whether or not they’re doing a good job with their own company’s internet marketing strategies or not.

So here are some factors that will tell you whether or not they’ve been successful so far or not:

#1: Google PageRank

Most SEO companies will promise you that they will help improve your performance in terms of SERP. In this case, check their Google PageRank and if they have a score of 5 and above, they usually know what they’re talking about.

#2: Technical Competence

The field of SEO requires adequate technical experience and expertise. If you think that it’s just about creating great content, then you’re most likely mistaken. In fact, another key aspect to establishing a powerful presence on the Web is to ensure that your business platform is optimized correctly. Some of the features that count: ALT & TITLE tags on all images, social sharing, WWW Resolve, Keyword & Description METAtags, Analytics, Dublin Core creator and publisher, Canonical URLs

#3: High WooRank Score

If you visit the website, WooRank, and enter the website URL of the internet marketing company you intend to hire, and if you get a score that’s higher 65 and above, they’re probably putting their ‘money where their mouth’ is.



SEO Toaster offering SEO CMS

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Search Engine Optimization can be quite an expensive venture to get into. However, it is an expense you will have to bear if you want to show up in a decent location on search results. An alternative to employing a team of SEO specialists is to use an SEO CMS. If this option sounds interesting to you, check out seotoaster.com.

The website is very concise and to the point. The design lends itself to easy, seamless browsing and quickly grabs a user’s attention. There is also an excellent video presentation about the product on the website that is worth checking out. The product itself is an Open Source CMS which makes it doubly appealing to any company or individual. But unlike most other open source CMS’s, this one comes packed with features.

There are 40 free website themes that you can use to create your website. If you have an existing website, you will find that it is easy to import content from those pages into your new one. There is also plenty of FOS php code at your disposal to make your life easier. If you run a business and plan on selling goods online, you will find that the free shopping cart that is included in seotoaster’s product is as good as any other shopping cart on the market. Besides all this it also automates some tedious tasks like media & link tagging, optimized on-site linking, link sculpting using JavaScript etc. As you can see from this brief overview of the product, it is well worth checking out as it might be just the right solution for your SEO needs.


Three Basic Strategies for Link Building (Part 1 of 2)

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Getting your website to the top of a Google search result is the holy grail of all SEO efforts. One of the factors that contribute towards this is Page Rank. A good page rank will see you catapult over your peers and end up high on the results page. So how do you achieve a good page rank?
Well, one significant factor of PageRank is your link building strategy. Using the correct one effectively will bring about near instant results. There are three basic methods which you can employ, but only one of them is truly effective, but more on that later. The three methods are Reciprocal, Three Way and One Way link building.

Reciprocal link building has its roots in a time before PR and SEO became known. It is based on the old adage “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. Basically it is the process where you link to another site and they link back to yours. In the old days, this was done mainly to get traffic flowing into a website. Even today it is an excellent tool to generate traffic. But that is all it is effective at doing. In the early days of PR, reciprocal link building worked quite well. But Google got wise to what was going on and changed the algorithms so that this did not affect PR anymore. There is no harm in using it, but just be aware that it will do nothing for you apart from generating traffic.

(to be continued…)