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Three big reasons why businesses switch web hosts

January 10, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

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Having a good web hosting provider to sustain your website has become essential for businesses in the 21st century. In the highly competitive web hosting market, not every hosting provider can meet every company’s needs, and as a result, many companies choose to switch web hosts. Here are three big reasons why businesses make that switch:

An increase in downtime

This is probably the biggest reason why a business would want to switch web hosts. It is a web hosting provider’s job to ensure that a site is up as long as possible without any problems. Every minute a site is down leads to lost sales and conversions, harming a company’s profits. If your site is getting less uptime than it used to, switching hosts might be what saves your business.

Running out of bandwidth

If your site requires a lot of bandwidth to run quickly and smoothly, a shared hosting plan might not give you enough. Instead of dividing bandwidth with other users, you might have more success switching to a dedicated server or participating in colocation at a dependable data center.

Security issues

In an age where hackers and cybercriminals are becoming savvier, web hosting providers must respond with the most current and advanced security measures for the sake of their clients and their data. The consequences of a cyberattack could include increased downtime and compromised employee information.

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