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3 Companies and How They Are Getting Social Media Right

February 21, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Making social media to work for your business is probably the most sought after information on the web. However, there are different ways that can be used to produce an effective social media strategy and looking at companies that have been successful can give you clues as to what works and what doesn’t.

So here are three companies that have changed the way they are perceived online and have profited their business to a large extent.

#1: Ford Motor Company

As soon as you visit Ford’s website, you can see comments from customers that are pulled from their blog, The Ford Story. This obviously makes a good impression on first-time visitors to their site as well. They not only ask for customers to share their stories about Ford but also provide ideas that will make their product better. Interestingly, they use Flickr to post some of their latest photos to attract new customers and visitors to their site.

#2: Zappos

This company sells clothing, shoes and other accessories and is known for building real relationships with their fans on Facebook as well as their customers. It’s evident that they wish to treat their customers as equals by their tagline which says “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship”.

Another strategy worth mentioning is that they ask for a customer to “Like” their page and then also invite them to join their mailing list as well. They also have a “Fan of the Week” contest with pictures while also giving the customer the ability to review their products as well.

#3: Cranium

This board game makes use of social media by adding some of the content of the game on its Facebook page. Fun activities in order engage their fans by the use of videos, factoids which ask their audience to guess which song or fact. Quizzes are also a part of their social media strategy.

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