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The Advantages of Server Colocation: Unleashing the Potential for Businesses

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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly reliant on robust and efficient IT infrastructure to support their operations. One solution that has gained significant popularity is server colocation. By partnering with a reliable colocation hosting provider, businesses can benefit from enhanced performance, security, and scalability without the need to invest in costly on-premises infrastructure. One such provider that stands out is Electric Kitten, offering exceptional colocation hosting services in Los Angeles.

One of the primary advantages of server colocation is the ability to leverage state-of-the-art data centers. Electric Kitten, with its cutting-edge data centers in Los Angeles, ensures optimal conditions for housing servers, including redundant power supplies, advanced cooling systems, and robust security measures. By entrusting their servers to Electric Kitten’s facility, businesses can eliminate concerns about power outages, equipment failures, and physical security threats, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Another significant benefit of server colocation is scalability. As businesses grow, their IT infrastructure needs to adapt to accommodate increased demand. Electric Kitten offers flexible colocation plans, allowing businesses to easily scale up or down their server resources as needed. This eliminates the need for large upfront investments in hardware and provides businesses with the agility to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Moreover, server colocation offers improved network connectivity. Electric Kitten, strategically located in Los Angeles, provides excellent network connectivity options, including high-speed internet connections and access to major internet exchanges. This ensures low-latency connections and high network availability, enabling businesses to deliver seamless online experiences to their customers.

Security is another critical aspect of server colocation. Electric Kitten employs robust security measures, such as 24/7 monitoring, video surveillance, and restricted access controls, ensuring the safety and integrity of the housed servers. This level of security surpasses what many businesses can achieve on their own premises, providing peace of mind and protecting valuable data from unauthorized access.


Marketing Ideas for Staying Competitive in the Internet Age

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Since businesses have discovered the Internet, the field of digital marketing has become the most competitive advertising landscape in the world. In order to stay ahead of their competition, businesses must know how to effectively advertise their goods and services through the Internet medium. Here are a few tactics for making most of the Internet for marketing.

Influencer marketing

Influencers and online thought leaders are responsible for defining the tastes and preferences of their fans and followers within their specific demographic. If your company’s product or service appeals to a specific demographic with prominent influencers, consider sponsoring their blog and channel in exchange for an endorsement. As Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings, says, “Beyond OTC Global Holdings, I have projects in other fields such as the tequila industry. For products like fine beverages, it’s important to win the trust of the tastemakers whose opinions your potential customers will listen to.”

Search engine optimization

 SEO is becoming a necessity in an online world dominated by search engine rankings. SEO requires thought and planning since it is a tactic for organically raising your search engine rankings by targeting specific keywords. It might be wise to invest in an SEO expert or company who can make sure your website and online content are optimized for search engines.

Video marketing

 Online video can be a visceral, in-depth way to showcase all the strengths and benefits of your product or service. Through slick production, the use of engaging hosts or personalities, and entertaining content, you can draw viewers in who will eventually become customers.



DealCrunch and Submit Express Review the Next Year in Marketing

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marketing-planIf you want to know which marketing trends are going to be the most important in 2017, a good person to talk to is Pierre Zarokian. He’s been in search marketing since 1998, when he founded Submit Express with the goal of improving the Google rankings for his clients. Since, he’s branched out into reputation management and helped hundreds of businesses improve their ratings, and revenue, with some simple fixes.

Step One: Reviews

Reviews are set to be one of the most important metrics of 2017, as Zarokian points out in this article with DealCrunch’s Sean Garrity. Positive reviews will be an important factor in customers coming to your location. Too many negative reviews may turn people away, even if you offer superior service to your competition. This is especially true for restaurants, where one poor experience publicized on a Yelp page can turn away dozens of potential customers.

You need to create a feedback loop for your business, capturing the customer’s reviews before they get to Yelp. Then, you can exercise a bit more control over what your profiles look like and what customers are saying about you. You can also have some negative reviews completely removed, if they fit certain criteria.

Step Two: Search Marketing

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, and it’s not easy for small businesses to keep up. In the coming year, you’ll need to make sure your site is mobile friendly and that it conforms to modern standards for content and design. Next, you’ll need to look at which pages your customers are most likely to visit. These pages might be your most profitable pages, or some hidden gem you hadn’t considered before.

That’s the power of SEO. It helps you find untapped real estate, and improve its standing in search. Combined with a powerful social media presence, you’ll see long term success if you keep it up.


Which digital advertising strategy is best for your company’s needs?

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In the current digital climate, determining which digital advertising strategy is best for your business can be daunting. Digital agencies will inundate you with ambiguous acronyms like SEO, SEM, and PPC, and without proper knowledge, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the multitude of digital advertising campaigns and strategies available to you.

The responsibility of a search engine marketing firm is to enhance your business’ online search presence, and there are a number of ways they can go about executing it. But first, let’s briefly outline what these aforementioned strategies mean.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and its practice entails optimizing your website for greater online searchability by conducting analytical research as to which keywords have the highest search volumes in your industry. Keywords are appropriately implemented into web content, which makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website. SEO is an organic form of digital advertising, meaning that it is unpaid, in comparison to PPC.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click marketing, and unlike SEO, involves competition for keywords in which ones with the highest demand require a higher bid. PPC ads are found all over search engines, such as ads on the top and bottom of a Google page.

Rather than attempting to determine which digital advertising strategy is best, let our Los Angeles internet marketing company do the advertising for you. Our team of seasoned digital marketing experts will enhance your company’s online search presence, allowing you to focus on what really matters- running your business.


Sticky Web Media is a digital marketing company based out of Los Angeles.

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Customizing Emails to Increase Its Effectiveness

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Customizing-Emails-to-Increase-Its-EffectivenessIf you want to make a customer out of someone through an email, you’re more likely to garner interest through a personable type of email. This means personalizing it in a way that will appeal to your prospects.

If you are looking for a professional service, eTargetMedia provides creative solutions that will not only drive results but also maximize the potential of your marketing campaign. Creating a campaign that motivates the customer to partake in whatever you are selling should be a goal in mind. Knowing that you have professional services that can provide a solution with little effort on your part is a useful asset.

Figure out your customers’ buyer persona. Factor in things like demographic information, job level, and goals. By doing so, you will have more insight on the type of consumer that you are dealing with which can help you form your marketing strategy.

After a type of persona is created, what you’re going to need is a landing page. This is where all of the data that you collected is going to be put to use. This is where you can alter the page to cater solely to the customer. If they decide to open your email and click on the link, then you’ve successfully caught their interest. Now you need to seal the deal by constructing a page that will give them an opportunity to purchase your service or product.

Your success is determined by the strategies applied to your campaign. By successfully marketing your service through email, you can expect there to be an increase in interested prospects.


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3 Marketing Tools That Can Be Used to Create Instagram Content

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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media marketing platforms. This is for small businesses, particular.

With an average engagement rate of 4.21 percent, it shouldn’t be hard to see just why. Twitter comes in 0.4 while Facebook managed 0.7 percent only.

That said, it can also be time consuming to market on Instagram but for the presence of certain online tools.

So, here are 3 marketing tools that can be used to create content for Instagram:

webmarketing-tutorial1: Canva

This website offers several design templates that can be used for social media among other purposes. Select the ‘Instagram Post’ option and then pick the layout accordingly. Next, pick the text style that will suit your brand most and add your copy. You can either use the Canva library for backgrounds or even add your own. Also, you can use the ‘Design School’ feature to create professional-looking graphics.

2: Hashtagify

This tool lists the most popular trending hashtags. You can look at 30 hashtags to find popular topics or even use in your posts for maximum visibility. You also get daily, weekly or monthly updates too. Finally, you can learn more about hashtags at the Hashtagify University. There are paid plans that start at $9.99 per month.

3: Schedugram

It is an excellent time-saver and while being a bit clunky sometimes, can be effortless as well. All you have to do is upload the graphic and copy, pick the date according to your calendar and you’re good to go. Prices to use this tool starts as $20 a month but vary on the number of followers too.

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3 Usability Errors That Can Take Visitors Away From Your Website

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Not only should your website be easy on the eye but also should be as user-friendly as possible. There’s just no point in having the right colors, photos and the best headlines if your users find it difficult to navigate through the site.

Having said that, here are 3 mistakes, in terms of user-friendliness, that you might be making with your website:

#1: Not Easy to Search the Entire Website

As a rule, it is important for your users to look for pages and their content from the home page itself. Also, limiting your search to only static pages would be a mistake too. Make sure you add file archives, events, blog posts and news items in the search results.

web-markiting tutorial

What would make a real difference is giving your users an input box to enter search terms instead of just a link to a certain page.

#2: No Copy on Home Page

This is another big mistake that a number of website make – not having copy when it can impact the site’s SEO for the better. Without a doubt, having some quality copy covering aspects such as what your company does for your clients as well as how you differ from your competitors can improve the impression that visitors will have of your website.

#3: Contact and Request Forms are Difficult to Use

Ensure that your contact and request forms are easy to complete. Avoid asking too many questions or having too many fields to fill up. When you are creating these forms, ensure that you only use form fields that are deemed necessary and which will result in more leads. You can also save a lot of money just by omitting just one field.

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When to Send Your Emails

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email1Written by eTargetMedia.

eTargetMedia helps customers with all aspects of their email marketing campaigns — from developing targeted and well-qualified mailing lists to developing creative content. One aspect that many customers struggle with is trying to determine the optimal time for sending their emails to customers. This includes both the time of day and the day in the week that will give their emails the best chance to be opened and read.

Customers are busy and emails can be lost in the shuffle. So when is the best time to send your emails so they are noticed? Mailchimp published research in 2014 which had some surprising results:

Little Differences in Weekdays: Many people think that Mondays are the best day to send out emails since people are motivated for the week. Other people think that Mondays are not good because people are digging out from emails over the weekend. The truth is that optimal send times are fairly evenly distributed from Monday through Thursday.

Some Markets Prefer Weekend Mailings: While weekdays are preferable overall to weekends for mailings, there are some exceptions. Many segments that are retail-oriented are ideal for weekend emails. This can include hobbies, retail and entertainment-focused emails.

Late Mornings and Early Afternoons Are the Best Times for Emails: It’s perhaps not surprising that the time period between late morning and lunch is the best time for sending emails during the weekdays. This is the time when people have cleared their plate of messages and tasks that have piled up but haven’t yet started to “check out” for the day.

eTargetMedia offers creative services and postal/email mailing lists for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. They can also increase email marketing lists through email appending services.

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Three Common Mistakes When A/B Testing Emails

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Written by eTargetMedia.

By now, you are likely aware of the need to perform A/B testing on your email campaigns. Making changes to your emails — whether major or subtle — can have a significant impact on your email’s effectiveness so it’s important to test potential changes and monitor their effectiveness. But in order to get the most out of your A/B testing you need to do it correctly.

Here are three common mistakes which eTargetMedia has found that even experienced digital marketers make when performing A/B testing on their emails:

Drawing Conclusions From Early Results: With email marketing, you can see the results of your A/B testing in real time as recipients open their emails and click through to your site. This is powerful information but it can also be misleading. People who open your emails right away are likely to respond differently than people who take their time. Wait at least 24 hours before doing any serious analysis of your results.

Testing One-Off Emails: If your company has a one-time Valentine’s Day sale, chances are you are going to send an email about it. But you aren’t going to learn a lot that will help your business long-term by testing the Valentine’s Day specific content in that email (such as the size and shape of a heart). Save your A/B testing for elements that can apply to all of your emails.

Altering Too Many Elements: It’s tempting to test multiple elements in one A/B email campaign. The problem is that this makes it impossible to determine which changes led to which results in your testing. You should only change one element at a time during your A/B testing.

eTargetMedia is a leading provider of targeted email and postal mailing lists. The company also provides creative services that can help businesses of all sizes with their digital marketing needs.


How to Succeed at Content Marketing as a Small Business

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If you want your content creation efforts to work, then you have to create a lot of content. Now if you can write a number of blog posts in a day, then it helps. Or else, this can turn out to be a big problem for you.

In fact, a number of small businesses struggle to create content which usually amounts to one blog post a month, a few social media updates or even the creation of a video too.

But it isn’t enough. The truth is that if you want results, then you have to create twice as much content in order for it to be effective. Apart from this, you have to spend twice as much time spent in creating it to promote it effectively.

This poses a problem yet again because most small businesses’ have small marketing departments and it would be an ordeal, amounting to almost 60 hours, to get things done.

Admittedly, even if they understand the importance of social media, blogging, email marketing and the like, there is an apprehensiveness since so much needs to be done.

There’s really only one solution: hire a writer.

This is for the simple reason that writers can take on the sole task of content creation while the others can do the planning, promotion and design work.

The business owner can come up with the bulk of the ideas while the writer can come up with a few small ones. Apart from this, an intern or a person who already maintains the website can handle content promotion while the graphic designer can manage the creation of visuals as a freelancer.

This is the key to being successful at content marketing!