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Smart selling tactics (Part 2 of 2)

June 1, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

3. Emotions speak a thousand words – There is a reason why UNICEF shows pictures of children holding guns or of them starving. If they didn’t, a line like “Bad water kills more children than war” would not have even half the effect it does. The whole point is to provoke emotions in people. Emotions are strong motivating factors and using them effectively will have a positive impact on your sales. Work on bringing emotions to your sales copy, images and videos that you use to promote your product.

4. Get rid of garbage – If you want to be successful, sell only good products. Just because you got a contact that can get you 1000 mugs for $200 doesn’t mean that you should grab them and sell them for a decent profit. Check out the products first. Ensure that they are of good quality and design. Then figure out if people will want to buy them. Once you know that you have a good thing in your hands, then you can focus all your efforts in selling them. Remember, it takes very little to destroy a reputation and lot to build it up again. So don’t jeopardize your reputation.

5. Be decent – Don’t spam, don’t do drive by ad postings on forums and social networking sites. In short, don’t do anything that is unethical and annoying. Use the right mediums in the right ways. Uploading a video of a hot artist on YouTube which flashes adverts for your product incessantly throughout the video might seem like a smart idea at first. But it is first of all illegal to upload material which does not belong to you and second of all people will get really annoyed with you and avoid you like the plague.